Me and My Blog

My name is Tara Styles. I’m an avid traveller who loves Disney. In 2009, I started training for my first half marathon which I completed in 2010. Since then I’ve completed five or six half marathons a year, in addition to a few races of other distances. I love to take pictures but I’m not a great photographer…yet. This blog will have posts on a variety of things and will include pictures of my travels and other things of interest to me…and hopefully you too.

This blog is going to be like a syndicated television show…..sometimes the episodes are shown in chronological order, sometimes they’ll throw in a holiday episode or another show out of sequence and sometimes the episode is a flashback to fill in missing details in the overall storyline. Bear with me as I play with different themes until I settle on one that reflects my personality and the kind of blog I want to have.


So, what do you think?

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