So after 11 weeks on the Always Hungry? (AH) plan, I feel comfortable that I’m seeing progress.  As of my weigh-in this morning, I’m down 16.6 pounds.  Full disclosure, I recently purchased a new scale and it may be about a pound lower than my old one. I like to think the old one overstated my starting weight!  The new one seems more accurate (as in, every time you step on within seconds it’s the same weight…my old scale, not so much!).

After 11 weeks my first time on Weight Watchers I had lost almost 30 pounds. I’m fine with not seeing those results this time. I’m happier and more satisfied after my meals. I’m only hungry when I do stupid things like go to work on a Saturday thinking I’ll find something to eat for lunch in my office building!

I also had a non-scale victory (NSV) this week. I put on one of my many runDisney race shirts and noticed it was too big. I decided to try on two shirts that I bought at race expos that were a bit small at the time and they seem almost good to wear.  The shorts I bought last summer are loose (they were snug when I bought them).

On the Facebook group for AH, someone posted that they noticed their cellulite is going away! I haven’t had the nerve to check myself out that closely….maybe next week!

Oh and the picture – my dessert today. I made a batch of grain free waffles and froze the leftovers. The “ice cream” is Skyr – Icelandic-style yogurt. Just about two months until I get to try it in Iceland to see if the stuff I buy here is authentic.



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