Always Hungry? Four weeks in.

I meant to update my blog after I finished Phase 1 so I’ll start there.  After finishing week two of Phase 1, I was down 9.2 pounds from the start. I was ecstatic about this.  I didn’t find Phase 1 nearly as hard as I thought I would. I was amazed how quickly it got rid of my addictions. I don’t crave sugar and more surprisingly I don’t crave carbs like bread. I used to love bread. I don’t miss bread except for the convenience of eating sandwiches and burgers! Heck my Panera Rewards is a free bagel every day in June!!

So that brings me to Phase 2. Phase 2 has been more challenging than Phase 1. I got used to the Phase 1 ratios and didn’t find it that hard to build meals that were close to the correct ratios. Phase 2 increased the amount of carbs I was allowed and lowered the fat.  I thought this would be easy since I was excited about adding starchy vegetables and intact grains. Well, as it turns out, it’s hard to add them to every meal for me. Intact grains is things like brown rice, steel-cut oats or quinoa.  Starchy vegetables are corn and sweet potatoes. I like all of these things but I haven’t spent enough time and energy building meals that go with those things.

Today I weighed in up a couple of pounds from the end of Phase 1. When I went into Phase 2 I wasn’t expecting the losses of Phase 1 but I wasn’t expecting to gain!  I’m not ready to give up or even go back to Phase 1 (as you’re allowed to do on the plan). I reached out to the official Facebook group for the book and many people gave me advice such as playing around with Phase 1 and Phase 2 meals or just adding starchy vegetables to Phase 1.

One of the things in the book I haven’t done is track my feelings before and after meals – if I’m hungry, satisfied, full, etc. I wonder if that will help me lose as I may be eating the right things but too much of them!

I also took a couple of nights off of my passeggiatas (evening walks) and perhaps that resulted in my small gain. I’m determined to get back on track with my walks and even went out in the rain tonight.

It should also be noted that I ate in restaurants four times this weekend. I don’t think that could’ve helped!

I’m trying not to fixate too much on weight and continue along as I feel satisfied with the program. I don’t feel deprived and I have more energy than before. I used to change into my pyjamas as soon as I got home and would spend the evening on the couch!

Phase 2 is the “Retrain Your Fat Cells” phase. At this point I’m just going to assume my fat cells are slow learners and that they’ll pick it up eventually. Phase 2 is when your body is supposed to figure out it’s set point and I know I’m not at mine!  I’m going to stick out Phase 2 a few weeks longer before I reassess whether or not I should go back to Phase 1.



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