Princess Half Marathon 2015 – Kids Races

My first half marathon ever was the Princess Half Marathon in March of 2010. Even though the race has moved to February, I considered this my fifth anniversary race.  My mom was supposed to come to cheer me on in 2010 so I was thrilled that she was able to come with me for this trip.

Much like 2010, the weather was chilly. It was appropriately cold since this year Disney went with a Frozen theme for the races. The 5K was the Frozen 5K but it ended up being so cold that the race announcers were referring to it as the Frigid 5K. I didn’t do the 5K but we did go to the Kids Races later that morning where the kids were bundled up in coats under or over their costumes. It reminded me of many a Halloween in Canada!

This little girl was my favourite (and even Carissa, one of the runDisney announcers made mention of her outfit)…Belle, Mickey Mouse and Maleficent all in one!  Talk about a mashup!

untitled shoot-0052-1

untitled shoot-0040-1

untitled shoot-0002-1

This little girl didn’t care about the cold!

untitled shoot-0004-1

This little girl could think of things she’d rather be doing!

untitled shoot-0009-1

untitled shoot-0011-1

untitled shoot-0021-1


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