I will (try to) never complain about hills again

On our last day in Hong Kong, after checking our luggage through to the airport via the in-town Airport Express check-in service, we set out to the SOHO area for breakfast at a place I remembered from taking a picture of the sign last time because I thought the name was funny.

The walk to breakfast was pretty tough. The area is hilly and known for what are called the “mid levels escalators” or “movelators”. Unfortunately they only go one direction and on this morning they were headed down, not up.

After breakfast, we headed to the Peak Tram station to take the funicular railway. tram to The Peak which offers stunning views of the city and harbour that test my fear of heights.





While there we stopped for coffee and I went outside to snap a few photos. Much to my surprise there was a race going on. Guys were coming up the steep hill carrying bamboo backpacks with big bottles of water in them.



The volunteer shirts and signs said “Drop for Life” so I assumed that the water carrying was part of the purpose of the race. I asked a man about the race and he said it was about 40 km. I was stunned…40K with those kind of hills? Carrying a jug of water?? Were these people crazy? I went ahead to see where the course went and discovered that it went up another hill that I remembered from our last trip.




Some of the runners were struggling up the hill but I would’ve struggled doing just the little bit of the hill!

I looked up the race when I got home and it turns out the gentlemen said “14 km” but still! There was a 14k route and a 28k route. Participants are required to carry 4.5 litres of water on their backs as the race is meant to raise awareness of those in arid parts of China who must climb mountains to get their water. Participants have a minimum fundraising requirement with money going to a charity that provides clean water to peasants in mainland China.

More info about the race can be found here A Drop of Life Race for Water

So, what do you think?

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