Duffy gets a girlfriend

I’m jumping out of order here as I haven’t done a blog post about our first day at Tokyo Disneyland yesterday. Today was our first day at Tokyo DisneySEA. When we were here last time, my Mom bought me Duffy the Disney Bear. For those of you who don’t know, Duffy is a teddy bear that Disney tried to launch many years ago in the U.S. which didn’t take off but he became big in Japan (like the 80s song!). When we came here, we saw little girls, teenage girls, adult males and females carrying him around. Or pushing giant ones around in strollers like this!


In the last five years, Duffy was reintroduced to the rest of the parks around the world and he’s becoming big but nothing like over here. It’s a phenomenon. People carry more than one around with them at a time. Some people have tote bags covered with smaller ones pinned to them.

So today I took Duffy back to his “birthplace”.







In the last few years, the brilliant merchandising minds came up with the idea of a female version of Duffy. Her name is ShellieMay. Duffy has brown eyes and ShellieMay has blue eyes with lashes. Duffy is a a darker brown than ShellieMay and his Mickey-shaped spots are brown while hers are a pinkish colour. Today Duffy got a girlfriend (it was an arranged marriage kind of deal).









So, what do you think?

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