Canadian Pride

I’ll admit I didn’t really get into the Olympics this time around. I found it hard to get excited about watching the coverage in the evening when I already knew the results from social and news media during the day. The sport I normally follow – figure skating – was even hard for me to get excited about. I didn’t know about the team competition until it was half over and I don’t know who most of the skaters on the Canadian team are.

I was at my computer working when most of the big hockey games were on but I knew the results by the cheering from the lunch room which is not far from my cubicle! I did get up in time today to see most of the gold medal men’s game but I missed the first goal (still sleeping) and the last goal. A big part of the reason I got out of bed so early this morning was to track the progress of my friends who were running or walking the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World this morning. I happened to be looking at my computer when the third goal was scored. Still, I cheered when Crosby scored that second goal and I stood for the national anthem.

So, what do you think?

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